Tag Meta and Special Description to Maximize The SEO on Blog

One of the cool SEO features on the blogger is the Tag Meta feature. This feature allows us to enter the meta description without having to enter it manually into the template. This feature is actually has been in blogger since 2012, however, it might still many people who don’t know about it.

It’s very easy to activate this feature, you just need to get into the Dashboard > Settings > Search Preference. Then focus on the tag meta part and click “edit”. Next, after the “activate search description?” question has appeared, choose yes. Finally, you only need to enter your blog description. Don’t forget to click save changes.

Special Direction

In order to redirect the people who want to visit your blog by entering your blog link directly, and it has the minor typo in it, the special direction feature on the blog could easily fix this kind of problem. This feature could redirect the typo link to the correct link. So the back link that we’ve been put on the social media bookmarking won’t be wasted.

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The Simple Way to Maximize SEO on Blog by Using The RSS Feed

Below are the simple tips on how to maximize the SEO on blogger so your blog could be loved by the google. If your blog is being loved by google than your blog would have a good rank, and if the rank is good then the number of the readers or visitors in your blog will be increased.

RSS Feed

Just like the other common blogging service, blogger is also featured RSS feed to make it easier for our readers to subscribe our published articles. This feature is actually very excellent, especially for getting the readers. However, on the other side, the RSS feed could also bring a negative impact for our SEO blog.

Just like we knew it, right now there are so many lazy bloggers who want to get anything instantly and often to steal the contents of another blogger. That’s why the RSS feed is often to be used by the content thieves recently.

You can prevent this from happening to your blog by getting into the Dashboard > Settings > Other. Then you can focus on the site bait part. On the “allow the blog bait” you can choose “short”. If you choose this option is actually not good for our reader who subscribed our blog via RSS feed, it’s because of the reader have to open our blog each time he or she wants to read our article. However, this could help you to prevent the content thievery.

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The SEO and Human-Friendly Blog

Not long ago, the internet is amazed by the word SEO. Which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a new method for the people who want to make their website or blog to be placed on the first page of the search engine just like the google. This method quite popular back then, however, along with the application of SEO for a blog, which means that your blog would be more search engine or google-friendly, there are many bloggers or article content writers who ignore the quality of a blog or article and just focus on the search engine optimization instead.

This cause the first page of the google often to contains the blogs or articles with the poor qualities. That’s why the Google Incorporated changes the search engine AI way of thinking. Back then, the AI focused on the SEO of a blog or articles, however, right now the AI of the google search engine is able to determine the blog or article that is often clicked by the humans. This way, the google search engine could really put the blogs or articles that have the excellent qualities on the first page.

This category of blog or article that the new google AI is looking for is called “human-friendly”. Its meaning is simple. It’s a blog or article which is preferred and clicked by many humans, and once the humans search for an information to a blog, and then stop searching for it due to the last blog that the human visit, then this blog or article could be categorized as the human-friendly blog or article. That’s mean the human-friendly blog or article is able to satisfy the necessity of the information that’s being looked for by the humans. However, the point of the SEO just like the fonts, keywords, and other SEO stuff are still being considered by the google AI to be picked. Furthermore, the blog or article that is more human-friendly and also has more SEO-friendly would likely be on the first page of the google search engine.

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What is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

SEO is the treatment of taking full advantage of an internet site to make sure that it succeeds in natural search. Ranking highly for search terms which are described as key phrases improves the exposure of a website and creates a higher variety of website visitors to the actual site.

Put far more just, SEO will certainly permit you to connect with those searching for your product or service as well as assistance transform them into clients.

As a neighborhood business owner, you have to have a method in a position to promote your company and also acquire brand-new customers. SEO should belong of that strategy and also here are just a few of the factors:

– Leads produced from Seo close at roughly 15% which is 12% of the conversion price for outbound leads.
In an existing study by Hubspot, only 9% of solutions making use of inbound advertising with SEO can not see an ROI. If it aims 91% or services, it is most likely to help you too.
Blog writing is a leading resource of leads as well as traffic for companies when they are successfully enhanced for search. Search Engine Optimization will definitely make sure your blog posts get discovered and drive traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is unarguably among the very best methods to get in contact with targeted clients in addition to sharing your deal. Using a reputable SEO technique is not uncomplicated or very simple, nonetheless, especially with all the current updates to Google’s SEO position algorithm. For those of you most likely to take a threat as well as handle Seo on your own, right here are some suggestions to acquire you began.

– Figuring out Simply just how Your Customers Browse
Prior to you can enhance your internet website, you need to comprehend simply exactly what you are maximizing it for. The terms individuals utilize to look for exactly what you give are called search phrases. There many techniques for discovering keywords nevertheless The Google Search phrase Organizer is free-and-easy to use, specifically for a newbie. You can situate terms by going into the URL of a competing website right into the touchdown web page box.

– Applying Keywords to Your Site
When you have actually recognized keywords that people are using to discover service or products just like you need to implement them right into your website. If you have in fact done this in the past you could have been informed to consist of the precise essential expression a certain variety of times on each page

– Reviewing as well as Improving On Web page Seo Variables
Web content is an essential element of your site however it is much from the only on websites variable that will definitely influence just exactly how well your internet website performs. When you make a site or have actually one produced for you, it is crucial that you make the website very easy to search for customers.

– Getting the word out concerning Your Internet material
You could have heard or been educated: “simply compose excellent content”. Excellent material is definitely an essential element to constructing a site that converts nevertheless it is much from the only thing you need to do. As quickly as you have actually developed an outstanding website and also filled it with exceptional resources, you ought to tell people regarding it!

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