The Simple Way to Maximize SEO on Blog by Using The RSS Feed

Below are the simple tips on how to maximize the SEO on blogger so your blog could be loved by the google. If your blog is being loved by google than your blog would have a good rank, and if the rank is good then the number of the readers or visitors in your blog will be increased.

RSS Feed

Just like the other common blogging service, blogger is also featured RSS feed to make it easier for our readers to subscribe our published articles. This feature is actually very excellent, especially for getting the readers. However, on the other side, the RSS feed could also bring a negative impact for our SEO blog.

Just like we knew it, right now there are so many lazy bloggers who want to get anything instantly and often to steal the contents of another blogger. That’s why the RSS feed is often to be used by the content thieves recently.

You can prevent this from happening to your blog by getting into the Dashboard > Settings > Other. Then you can focus on the site bait part. On the “allow the blog bait” you can choose “short”. If you choose this option is actually not good for our reader who subscribed our blog via RSS feed, it’s because of the reader have to open our blog each time he or she wants to read our article. However, this could help you to prevent the content thievery.

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