Tag Meta and Special Description to Maximize The SEO on Blog

One of the cool SEO features on the blogger is the Tag Meta feature. This feature allows us to enter the meta description without having to enter it manually into the template. This feature is actually has been in blogger since 2012, however, it might still many people who don’t know about it.

It’s very easy to activate this feature, you just need to get into the Dashboard > Settings > Search Preference. Then focus on the tag meta part and click “edit”. Next, after the “activate search description?” question has appeared, choose yes. Finally, you only need to enter your blog description. Don’t forget to click save changes.

Special Direction

In order to redirect the people who want to visit your blog by entering your blog link directly, and it has the minor typo in it, the special direction feature on the blog could easily fix this kind of problem. This feature could redirect the typo link to the correct link. So the back link that we’ve been put on the social media bookmarking won’t be wasted.

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