The SEO and Human-Friendly Blog

Not long ago, the internet is amazed by the word SEO. Which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a new method for the people who want to make their website or blog to be placed on the first page of the search engine just like the google. This method quite popular back then, however, along with the application of SEO for a blog, which means that your blog would be more search engine or google-friendly, there are many bloggers or article content writers who ignore the quality of a blog or article and just focus on the search engine optimization instead.

This cause the first page of the google often to contains the blogs or articles with the poor qualities. That’s why the Google Incorporated changes the search engine AI way of thinking. Back then, the AI focused on the SEO of a blog or articles, however, right now the AI of the google search engine is able to determine the blog or article that is often clicked by the humans. This way, the google search engine could really put the blogs or articles that have the excellent qualities on the first page.

This category of blog or article that the new google AI is looking for is called “human-friendly”. Its meaning is simple. It’s a blog or article which is preferred and clicked by many humans, and once the humans search for an information to a blog, and then stop searching for it due to the last blog that the human visit, then this blog or article could be categorized as the human-friendly blog or article. That’s mean the human-friendly blog or article is able to satisfy the necessity of the information that’s being looked for by the humans. However, the point of the SEO just like the fonts, keywords, and other SEO stuff are still being considered by the google AI to be picked. Furthermore, the blog or article that is more human-friendly and also has more SEO-friendly would likely be on the first page of the google search engine.

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